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I haven't posted here in forever.


Well, that wrist thingy I stopped because I'm really lazy.
Um, I FINALLY like a kid. His name is Alex and he sits next to me in FaC Science.

Of course, none of my peeps at school can read this because noone has the link. xD

Well... that's all I need to say.
So, Friday night was the dance.


I got four kisses on the cheek (from the same person)
And I also got a con.dom.
It's in my jewelery box.

Also, I solved the problem from yesterday.

I stole Joe's seat.
Here's my List for today. I'm not making one tomorrow, because it's my birthday, nor Friday or Saturday or Sunday because I won't have time. Plus the best time to make them is at school.


Ugh. I really do feel awful.

In English class, we don't have assigned seats because our student teacher let us sit where we want, and I sit in a row with my friends Breanna, Ally, and Kristen. Ally and Kristen usually just are in their own world, and the same with me and Breanna, but then outta nowhere last week, some kid named Michael started sitting where I usually sit.
And so I have to sit in a row where they all loathe me and tell me to move, and I tell them I can't, so they just push my desk away from them since it's at the end. I look over at the row where I usually sit at, and Breanna is having like, a thousand times more fun sitting with Michael than with me. It's like she perfers him over me. And it hurts. A lot.

So I am totally depressed right now.
From now on, whenever I'm at school, I'm going to write down a list on my wrist words discribing how I feel about myself/how people around me at school make me feel. I was bored today so I decided to start one.

LIST FOR 12/12/06:

self loathing.
not fun.
not worthy.
Umm. Hi. This is my first LJ post. Everybody seemed to have one, so I'm like. "Ehh what the hell it won't hurt." So um, yeah. You might know me as the famous "Akito. At The Disco" from ff.net. Heh. It's kinda weird, because first I was all like "YUGIOH FANFICTIONSSSSSSS" and everyone there ha.ted me sooo much. And then I was an outcast in the Inuyasha fandoms, and I come to Fruits Basket and everyone loves me. Heh. Awesome, yo. My birthday's next Thursday. Woo!